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SOME GIRLS is a feature documentary following a group of troubled Latina teens from a Bronx-based suicide prevention program who are transformed by an exploration of their roots via the use of ancestral DNA testing, followed by a trip to the seat of the Americas. On that journey to modern-day Dominican Republic, the white supremacist narratives about American history they've been taught are challenged, leaving them free to reconstruct their own respective identities. What does it really mean to be American? And, more importantly, what does that look like?

  • The documentary “Some Girls” tackles the issue of mental health in young Latinas in America. Maria and Julio talk to ITT All-Star Raquel Cepeda, author and documentarian, about her film and how mental health is connected to beauty standards and cultural identity. In The Thick Show

  • By making the movie available to stream and the curriculum free to download, Cepeda hopes to have a wider impact on Latinas across the country. Cat Cardenas

  • With a strong use of mixed media accompanied by the conviction and grit needed to bring attention and spotlight on suicide prevention, identity, and America Latinx, “Some Girls” break the barriers of transforming power through storytelling. Eve Stern

  • "'Some Girls' Documentary Tackles Why Depression Is Prevalent Among Latinas." Mitú

  • Cepeda is on a mission to destroy the U.S.'s overwhelming black-white binary and amplify the voices of Latinxs in America.  Luria Freeman

  • "Filmmaker Raquel Cepeda Decolonizes The Minds Of Latina Youth In ‘Some Girls’ Documentary" Vibe

  • "This Powerful Documentary Offers a Much-Needed Look Into Latina Identity, Depression and Self-Harm" Latina Magazine




Cast & Crew

Produced by
Henry Chalfant, Sam Pollard, Raquel Cepeda

Directed by
Raquel Cepeda

Executive Produced by
Henry Chalfant

Written by
Raquel Cepeda

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