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Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives

Distribution Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives

During the 1990s, Stretch and Bobbito introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Big Pun as well as an unknown Jay-Z, Eminem, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their radio show exceed 300 million. The late night program had a cult following in the art/fashion world and prison population as well. All would loyally tune in for the humor just as much for the exclusive tunes. Stretch and Bobbito brought a unique audience together, and created a platform that changed music forever.

  • Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito, Hip-Hop Heralds, Are Saluted in a Film Jonah Bromwich


98 minutes

Release Date



Cast & Crew

Produced by
Omar Acosa, Bobbito Garcia (Co-Producer), Adrian Bartos (Co-Producer)

Directed by
Bobbito Garcia

Executive Produced by
Nick Quested, David Kennedy

Written by
Bobbito Garcia

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