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Saboteur Selling "The Wind & The Reckoning" in Cannes

Barry Pepper and Craig T. Nelson have also joined Jim Caviezel and Jason Scott Lee on the project, which is based on Jack London’s writings about Ko’olau’, the Hawaiian native who rebelled against US occupiers and fought to protect his family and homeland.

The project is being financed through the Hawaiian Film Fund and local investors and production is expected to get underway in Hawaii shortly.

David L. Cunningham (To End All Wars, Path To 9/11) directs from a screenplay by John Fusco (The Shack, Hidalgo) and both are producing.

New York-based Saboteur Media president of distribution Mark Lindsay and his team are also selling psychological thriller Love Thy Keepers, lasher horror Lumberjack, and the completed Brazilian drama João O Maestro.

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